Re: Olc -- major file corruption

From: Daniel W. Burke (
Date: 09/29/95

You wrote: 
>I downloaded the version of olc from about a month 
>I patched it in, fixed any .rej files (due to the heavy modifications 
>line #'s not matching), recompiled and whammo thought I had olc.  
>I then tested some objects and thought it was working out ok.  The 
>reboot things were not ok.  Many objects had "changed".  Some descs 
>wrong, some objs I loaded were not correct and other stranged things 
>happened.  I looked at the obj files and found ALOT of garbage within 
>them.  Thank god for backup files :).  
>Has anyone else found similiar problems or perhaps I missed something 
>the patch?  thanks in advance.

I was having the same problem.... but I made a few code changes to 
compensate for the error, because I couldn't find the actual bug....
I thought it was because I added an extra item to the item editor, good 
to hear it wasn't my fault :P

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