Olc -- major file corruption

From: Thomas G. Dailey (tgd@iglou.com)
Date: 09/29/95

I downloaded the version of olc from cambot.res.jhu.edu about a month ago.
I patched it in, fixed any .rej files (due to the heavy modifications and
line #'s not matching), recompiled and whammo thought I had olc.  
I then tested some objects and thought it was working out ok.  The next 
reboot things were not ok.  Many objects had "changed".  Some descs were 
wrong, some objs I loaded were not correct and other stranged things 
happened.  I looked at the obj files and found ALOT of garbage within 
them.  Thank god for backup files :).  
Has anyone else found similiar problems or perhaps I missed something in 
the patch?  thanks in advance.

btw....I immediately went back to my original src and have decided not to 
mess with olc until an official version comes out.

Tom Dailey
Gore - IMP
zombie.iglou.com 2150

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