Pkilling Opinion Wanted?

From: David Blocher (
Date: 12/01/95

I have not played a bunch of muds so I do not Know if this is being
done anywhere, but here is my Idea.
I would still use the Pkiller Flag that would pursuade from Pkilling,
but the Flag would only get set if there was another PC/NPC other than
the attacker and victim. I.E. someone to tell on you. This should be closer
to real life where you are only a criminal if you are caught.
This would make pkillers take on an intended victim one on one. You can't group
up on an intended victim.  
Certain areas with sentinel mobs would be safe to rest in (safe from
pkillers that is)
Not all mobs are capable of Telling on you.
People helping to kill the victim sure wouldn't tell on you.
   (maybe attacker's followers do not count?)

Well just looking for ideas.
David Blocher                  "The weather is here, wish you were beautiful"     J.B.

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