Re: Pkilling Opinion Wanted?

From: Michael J. Legac (
Date: 12/01/95

On Fri, 1 Dec 1995, David Blocher wrote:

> the attacker and victim. I.E. someone to tell on you. This should be closer
> to real life where you are only a criminal if you are caught.
> This would make pkillers take on an intended victim one on one. You can't group
> up on an intended victim.  
> Certain areas with sentinel mobs would be safe to rest in (safe from
> pkillers that is)
> Not all mobs are capable of Telling on you.
> People helping to kill the victim sure wouldn't tell on you.
>    (maybe attacker's followers do not count?)

	If you wanna see a pretty good implementation of this, check out 
mume ( 4040). In mume, when you commit a crime, 
a witness has to report you to the guards; if a mob that witnessed your 
crime wanders into a guard later he'll whisper something to the guard and 
you'll become wanted....Course, if you kill all witnesses, you'll be fine ;)


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