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Date: 12/04/95

At 11:13 AM 12/3/95 PST, you wrote:
>Ok... this is kinda a long story but i will do my best to explain.
>I (anthrax) was head coder on Malacious Bliss, and everything was going
>great.  We came across a proposition from Shattered Realms(
>to join forces and make a good mud (on a WAY better site).
>A week later we moved to and joined forces with Chain,
>and locris and their players.
>[now to make this long story short]
>About 2-3 weeks later, the Imps from sibylline had a pfile wipe,
>and Me, Nexus(the head imp on the old MB) were deleted, our sites 
>banned, and the backups for our mud were deleted.
>We got plain screwed by the team.
>Is there anything i can do?
>They still have our mud name, and all my code.
>This is absolute crap!
Well, since you are banned, there is no way to action this via a mud
connect. So, I'd recommend emailing the parties involved. If they do not
respond, check the domain and find out where these folks are. Maybe you can
contact their computer department. However, as most of us know, many
Universities ban muds so your response may be less than hospitable. If you
have no backups yourself, it doesn't look too good. Since they hold a great
deal of power at the moment you will have to try to become a pain to them.
This could be accomplished most easily by posting numerous flames to etc. Try to generate as much negative publicity for this
new mud as possible. However, I wouldn't make this a crusade. It may be best
if you can get no action to just build anew.
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