From: Edward Long (
Date: 12/04/95

On Mon, 4 Dec 1995, Glenn Campbell wrote:

> Well, since you are banned, there is no way to action this via a mud
> connect. So, I'd recommend emailing the parties involved. If they do not
> respond, check the domain and find out where these folks are. Maybe you can
> contact their computer department. However, as most of us know, many
> Universities ban muds so your response may be less than hospitable. If you
> have no backups yourself, it doesn't look too good. Since they hold a great
> deal of power at the moment you will have to try to become a pain to them.
> This could be accomplished most easily by posting numerous flames to
> etc. Try to generate as much negative publicity for this
> new mud as possible. However, I wouldn't make this a crusade. It may be best
> if you can get no action to just build anew.
...and all of us learn from youre loss...I must say that was truely a low 
thing to do...and I am going to be watching myself even more now!


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