From: Aslak (
Date: 12/06/95

Those of you who run MobProg mcould perhaps answer me if the act_prog 
trigger is flawed, or if I'm doing something wrong.
I only get it to work when the mob is switched/aliased by an immortal. 
(and that hardly makes it useful). Seems to me the cause may be that the 
function act() does not send messages to mobs that aren't being 
switched/aliased by a player. In that case, how do I fix it? (Without 
slowing the mud too much..)

Also, how does one easily fix it so that players appear where they quit, 
(mayhaps for those who rent or have houses)?

And why doesn't shopkeepers (3.0pl8) receive money when you buy something 
(even with banking switched off)?

And why do I ask all these questions, instead of more thoroughly scanning 
the source code? <-- Exams coming up, would like to fix those bugs before 


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