Re: Intermud

From: Chris Austin (caustin@Direct.CA)
Date: 12/06/95

On Wed, 6 Dec 1995 wrote:

> Heres an idea how about someone puts this nifty code on a ftp site 
> somewhere ow like say circlemuds?
> that would be a better idea than emailing idvidual copies out to everyone 
> would it not?

A much better idea would be to do neither, and to email me regarding 
using the intermud code.  I'm not completly clear on how this even came 
up for discussion in this mailing list as the code is completly beta 
right now.  It's not that I don't want people to use the code, in fact, 
I'd like to see more beta testers as I haven't finished the code.  
However, right now, I want to control who has the code, for exactly this 
reason, the code that is floating around out there now is not the lastest 
version, and not stable.

If you are interested in beta testing the intermud code, please drop me a 
line at

But please note, there is very little for documentation right now, 
however it is pretty simple to install.  Also, most of my time is being 
directed at finishing off our mud code, so I don't have time to answer 
basic unix and C questions.


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