Re: (re) MobProg acts

From: root (
Date: 12/06/95

On Wed, 6 Dec 1995, ShadowLord wrote:

> Let's try to be a bit more specific, shall we? (not intended to be a 
> flame, just a bit of a gleeful knock).
> Unfortunately, from my prilimary look over of act (comm.c), I see nothing 
> that prevents acts to be sent to mobiles; so, what you'll want to check 
> is that the string that your mobile is supposed to catch is sent by act, 
> if it's not, then it's rather obvious what your problem is (and the fix 
> is just as easy). 
-- snip --

Not to flame you or anything cause that is not my intention, but from my 
look over comm.c there is something which prevents mobs from getting acts
..  It is a little define entitle SENDOK....  The ch->desc is what prevents
it from going to a mob because mobs don't have descriptors of the PC 
nature (:  Fixed my act_prog command by just simply removing the ch->desc

      Terrock - The Wanderer

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