this silly mobprog thing

From: Angus A. Mezick (dodger@WPI.EDU)
Date: 12/07/95

 hmm... not even close to distribution.. the release said it was buggy.
 don't mean to be harsh, but mobprogs are just silly, they eat more CPU and
 mem the SPEC's.  the only thing they are good for is tempory solutions for
 your builders until the coders can write the SPEC()....  I think the SPEC
 handling should be rewritten to take into account the different types of

 1) action done all the time (what we have now)
 2) action during combat only
 3) action upon entry of the room
 4) action upon a command

 if you can have these SPEC()'s fire only when their trigger happens you
 could speed up your mud and allow it to have more SPEC()'s

 1) leave this one how it is.
 2) have this be checked during the perform_violence (i think)
 3) char_to_room() and obj_to_room()
 4) snoop the interpreter
 	have the interpreter check the room for mobs with this..
 	as rooms on average don't have more then 3-5 people, this is a
 	 quick check

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