Mobprogs efficency

From: Hades (
Date: 12/07/95

Here's what I am wondering.

WHat about those little specs you want for mobs? It's extremely simple for
me to type in:
>rand_prog 2~
  say Hey $r, know any good shops around here?

To have my customer mobs do this simple little feat... and after installing
mobprogs I made many many mobs with special little... er.... quirks. Now
here is where my concern comes in:
It is 1 million times easier to write those few simple lines than coding the
find a random char in a room function and actually making the spec_proc and

Now what is harder on the system? Making many little spec_procs that only do
tiny cosmetic things, or using mobprogs to do those same functions?

I like mobprogs because of it's ease of use, it's nice and simple, and to
make a change, just reboot, no compiling needed and no crashes.

But with the number of mobs I have, what I am concerned about it memory.
Every mob with a mobprog needs to have memory allocated for it in it's
struct. That takes up more memory when it follows or when it has followers.
I'm sure it also slows the system down interpreting the mobprog.

So what's better for lotsa tiny mobprogs? Just make a few spec_procs? Or use
the mobprogs? I'm thinking spec_procs, mainly because they can be recycled.
(I made a genie spec_proc. The genie wouldn't allow passage of a char trying
to go north. I've used the same spec_proc for 5 other mobs, all coincidently
being guardians of a north exit.) But that also takes up code space and more
memory as the mud runs.

Anyone got any ideas on this?

Hades of EBon Mists

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