Re: Mobprogs efficency

From: EI (
Date: 12/08/95

As it stands in the mobprog.doc (I did realise that most of the
people just patch, don't even read the documentation...) "there are
builders that can produce beatiful areas but can not program in C", in
the same time a script language makes the things easier but more
complicated to be controlled (and besides it is written for MERC....)
There is a hole chapter in the documentations also about the efficiency
of the mob programs, and what Hades says is correct, that is the
mob-progs have memory problems.

	So a coder can code but can not build, a builder can build but
can not code, that is the idea behind the mob-progs, I do code and I do 
not care about building, what I code is what my builders/admin request,
so I give them OLC, I give them script language for rooms/objects/mobs
and everybody is happy.

	Cheers, Emre

P.S. the act program is tick based and is controlled via a act struct
and also about the mob loops there is also a section in the mobprog
documentation explaining the loops.

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