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From: Tel Janin Aellinsar (
Date: 12/09/95

Seemed relevant, so I'll push it into the mailing list again.

On Sun, 10 Dec 1995, Greg Alexander Irvine wrote:

> > Anybody who doesn't have OS/2 can probably ignore this message.
> i don't have OS/2 but hey, :)
> > On a side, but possibly related, note, all my user files got trashed when 
> > I moved Circle to my computer.
> i can answer this one at least... the variable-type sizes will most
> likely differ from a UNIX based machine to that of OS/2.
> And because on a UNIX machine an int will take up 4 bytes, but on OS/2 it
> might only take up 2 bytes.. this will trash the pfile (and any other
> binary storage files too)

Well, I'm using gcc, which is pretty consistent between platforms, though 
hardly perfect.  (You think I'd be stupid enough to try circle on C/Set++ or 
something?  Hah!)  Also, UNIX and OS/2 are both 32-bit, so that funny 
variable declared in SIGNAL.H (I think sig_atomic_t or something) should 
still be a 32-bit deal.  Hence, if gcc normally considers a typedef int 
to be 32-bits rather than 16-bits, it should be the same for OS/2.  
Though I can't say I've checked.  I didn't get any warnings about that, 
though, and I know The Muds Whose Names Are Not Mentioned But One Has To 
Do With Soldiers of Fortune gave me a whole slew of warnings when I tried 
to compile it on Linux.  (I gave up pretty quickly when it became 
apparent that it wasn't going to work.)  Anyway, the warnings were along 
the lines of time_t being treated as a short int;  since we all know 
time_t is really a long int, TMWNANMBUHTDWSOF was assuming that a typedef 
of int is interpreted as a long int.  That was obviously incorrect on the 
Pentium Linux machine.  (Can't Pentiums handle 64-bit things?  Or am I 
confusing the CPU with the PCI bus again?  Damn, you know they're so 

> -- Greg

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