Re: for loop?

From: Pink Floyd (
Date: 12/09/95

   a for loop that will allow me to check all the mobs in the game, so
   i can update there stats. I tried something like:

   struct descriptor_data *descriptor_list;

   but it doesn't work, I am guessing that the mobs aren't included in the
   descriptor_list, and i can't seem to find a "mobile_list". Anyone have
   any ideas on how to run through all the mobs in that game, find the
   ones that were modified with olc, and update them? (like iedit does for 

Thats right, mobs are not included in the descriptor list.  Descriptor data is
information about the connection of the player (not his character) - mobs are
not connected.  You'll also notice that players who drop link have no descriptor
data structure, because they're not connected.. (don't appear in the 'who' and
'users' list).

For ALL the characters in the game (players and mobs) try character_list in

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