Re: a strange one for you...

From: Steve (
Date: 12/09/95

On Sat, 9 Dec 1995, James Reader wrote:

> I have similar problems with my P-75 chip, I have come to the conclusion
> that Intel's pentium chips are NOT 100% compatible with most of todays
> software.  I experience bizzarre problems in dos, and I can't compile at
> all in Linux for some unknown intermittant bug (not the fpu bug) in the
> pentium, all pentium, chips 
the only pentium problem i have ever run into with linux only would 
happen on p100 or fasters, where almost everything you did would 
segfault. ps, ls, w, even compiling the kernel did it. We tried compiling 
it on working pentiums and copying it over no could do, we ended up 
switchint to a NexGen P100 which has no FPU but worked 100% fine.

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