Re: Porting to OS/2

From: Ian Macintosh (
Date: 12/10/95

On Sun, 10 Dec 1995 wrote:

> > > On a side, but possibly related, note, all my user files got trashed when 
> > > I moved Circle to my computer.
> > 
> > i can answer this one at least... the variable-type sizes will most
> > likely differ from a UNIX based machine to that of OS/2.
> > And because on a UNIX machine an int will take up 4 bytes, but on OS/2 it
> > might only take up 2 bytes.. this will trash the pfile (and any other
> > binary storage files too)

> One of the reasons that your pfiles did not come through might
> be because of different byte-ordering. That is - the machine you
> created the pfiles orders bytes large-to-small (MSB first) and
> the other - small-to-large (LSB first).

I think more likely will be the CR/LF line terminating habits of CP/M 
derivatives such as MS-DOS, OS/2, etc.


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