Re: OLC interfaces, portability of binary files, spooking the NSA...

From: Ben Leibig (
Date: 12/14/95

What you might wanna try with is a command based editor.  What i mean by 
this.  Is lets say i am a builder who just got zone 20 so i start in 2000 
now the way i build my zone is through lines of command.  IE if i type 
/dig north 2001 it makes an exit north to room 2001 and back south to 
2000 from 2001.  If i use /digoneway north 2001 it doesnt make the south 
passage.  If i type /build door north 1 321. It makes a door north 
doorflag 1 key# 321 and then pops me into the editor that is used to 
write descriptions to edit stuff.  If i type /edit longdesc i can be 
popped into an editor to edit the longdesc of a room.  You need to have 
everything doable like that but it provides for a really nifty OLC system 
thats amazingly effecent to use.  I have notgotten around to building one 
yet(Not that i have the Know how yet.)

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