OLC interfaces, portability of binary files, spooking the NSA...

From: Joe (raven@skyenet.net)
Date: 12/15/95

> Hiya,
>   I have been thinking about a design for the OLC I will eventually
> put into me mud, and I wanted to get some opinions.  

    Why not do both the menu and the Command Line?  And Even a Default or
    beginners.  Just create a Wizcommand which changed that users default
    OLC type.  That way if there just kinda kickin back workin on it they can
    use the command line and chat to people and such whilst getting something
    accomplished.  As well you have someone who want's to get down and dirty
    and get a lot accomplished in an evening withought being bother use another
    and have like a beginners where formobs and such they give a level and 
    Disc and  the Mud puts stats on it based on level (which can be edited )
    Obviously this will take more time to code, but I think it'll be more 
    rewarding in the end.


                                 "everything exists in limited quantity -
                                    especially happiness"...picasso.

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