input upon wizcmds

From: d. hall (
Date: 12/15/95

List of cosmetic changes I've made to distribution source to make life a
little easier for admin.  Most have to do with dot notation, a naming
convention in which you can place more than one keyword within a reference
(i.e. black.steel.sword).

namelist instead of name.

at <namelist> <command>
force <namelist> <command>
load <mob|obj> <vnum|namelist>
purge <namelist>
	currently displaying more verbose "usage" reports

show mobile <zone|namelist>
show object <zone|namelist>

	currently working on a "formatted" output for stat
	removed since it was incorporated into show
	going to add this functionality into the base stat command
I haven't played much with stock Gamma, so I'm wondering if there was any
initial reason why not to incorporate vnum and vstat into show and stat?
One can guess it's "security through obscurity", or just personal pref-
erence upon the Diku group.

``what do you do then? run. run very fast.
  don't stop until you see the camp - or a bigger giant.'' 
                                        - toothlicker harj, orcish captain

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