The race thing

From: Ben Leibig (
Date: 12/16/95

I noticed in the APPLY section of the hanlder there is somthing called MOD
the more i think about it the more i wounder if there is a EASY way to 
set races up to just set certen stats up one and let classes dael with 
the order.  The only thing for now i want races to change is a few 
plueses to stats and bit vectors.  So call me stupid sorry i hav enever 
done this before but waht all do i need to do.  Am i missing anything:

1: Copy the class code for selecetion of race in race.c and in 
interprater and handler
2: Initalize the inital verables MOD_STR.  Which is like 0 or -1 or 1
3: Whjere is this but i need to set it to add the adjustments to the stats
4: Give RACE.C commando ver hight or a way to do hight modifyers(how do i 
do this)

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