Re: Ident library/Login name and nonblocking sockets

From: Pink Floyd (
Date: 12/18/95

   I'm not really in to all this fork/deamon/nonblocking connections and 
   whatever other fancy words i can come up with..

Me neither, so I trust someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

   BUT, I noticed that the doc-file (the ident.h file :) has some different 
   functions, and some of them should be able to do the same as the 
   ident_id() call the library provides - BUT NONBLOCKING ...

   Now to me it seams that teh idea of forking a process off the main mud 
   routine, or making a seperate deamon (wich I have no idea how do make :), 
   is all for teh purpose of getting a nonblocking socket I/O. 

Well, I don't know that it has anything to do with blocking or not blocking
sockets.  Rather, the reason that it would cause the mud to halt is, the mud
is single threaded.  It goes around to each descriptor, checks for input, 
processes it until done, and then goes to the next descriptor.  99.9% of the
functions that get called execute relatively instantly so there is no lag
in the game.  But a couple of the functions (such as gethostbyaddr() and 
apparently this ident_id() thing), because of the function they perform 
(connecting to a remote host and waiting for information), can take up to
several seconds or more to exit.  From the rest of the game's perspective,
its just waiting for that function to exit.  So the game stops until that
function is done.
So the idea of forking the process is so that the ident_id can do its thing 
and wait for the response from the foreign host while the mud continues on
its merry way.
I hope this is correct, I am pretty much guessing, so someone please slap
me in the mouth if I'm wrong! ;-)

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