Ident library/Login name and nonblocking sockets

From: Rasmus R\xnlev (
Date: 12/18/95


I'm not really in to all this fork/deamon/nonblocking connections and 
whatever other fancy words i can come up with..

BUT, I noticed that the doc-file (the ident.h file :) has some different 
functions, and some of them should be able to do the same as the 
ident_id() call the library provides - BUT NONBLOCKING ...

Now to me it seams that teh idea of forking a process off the main mud 
routine, or making a seperate deamon (wich I have no idea how do make :), 
is all for teh purpose of getting a nonblocking socket I/O. 

Isn't that rigt ?

Anyways, I wondered if anyone with a little more knowledge about socket 
handling in Circle, could possibly take a look at the ident-library calls?
I'm quite sure it's possible to make such a nonblocking version with a 
little knowledge about how nonblocking I/O is set up, and checked for in 
circle... And frankly would remove some workload off my shoudlers :)

Well, thats all... just a little begging for someone with a better 
knowledge of socket handling to look at the problem this way, and maybe 
be nice enuff to give me/us the solution.


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