Re: relatively simple hack to lookup login-names (fwd)

From: Alastair J Neil (
Date: 12/18/95

d. hall wrote:
> p thus on Sun, 17 Dec 1995 20:39:52 -0500 (EST), John virtually scripted...
> >> p thus on Sun, 17 Dec 1995 17:40:17 -0500, Pink virtually scripted...
> I'm starting to think... my "ISO" character isn't liked by
> newservers... I'l have to prefix it with a = from now on, then. =P
> Pink> idname = ident_id (desc, 5); /* this attempts to get the username */
> Pink> Just curious, will this statement bring the mud to a halt until it
> Pink> has connected to the remote host and acquired the username?
> John> Yes, this is termed a blocking function and it will bring the mud to
> John> a screeching halt til it returns a value. It's only really annoying
> John> if you have a lot of players logging on after a reboot. For this
> John> reason ours is presently set to a 3 second wait.
> >> Actually the second argument is the timeout value.  You can normally set
> >> this value real low (about 1 second), but with network lag, it might
> >> timeout a little often.  (about the same as it would take the
> >> nameserver)
> John> I started ours at 1 second (extreme paranoia value as I termed
> John> it). After a couple days I changed it to 3 and almost doubled the
> John> number of userids.
> actually, i'm thinking about working on a master/slave process handler, one
> as the server, and one as the connection handler.  in effect the master
> process would accept all signals and spawn off the server.  it brings up
> some elements of potential with crash handling.

Lazarus of Arctic posted such code to this group about a year ago.  It's quite
easy to do - and crash handling is not a problem.

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