Re: relatively simple hack to lookup login-names (fwd)

From: Katzlberger Thomas (
Date: 12/18/95

You wrote:
> > Very understandable !
> > 
> > man page: The new process (child process) is an EXACT COPY of the
> > calling process ... (including a copy of all memory)
> Nod... Now what if we were to put the mud in libraries? then only a
> few KB would be spawned... no? And then use shared mem and we have
> a MultiUserMultiThreadingVirtualEnvironmentServer :)

hehehe ;)

Ok, if you just tell me how you want to use shared memory without
the operateing system? Some OS like MACH use a copy-on-write policy
so that if 2 processes fork it will just duplicate memory-pages which are
different between the processes, but standard UNIX doesn't do that.
And there is no share_memory() function that I know of.

> > Starting new processes is ok if you use threads, but might give
> > you horrible synchronisation problems the way circle is written.
> And how do you use threads?

If you are running on a SUN try: 'man thr_create'
If you are running on MACH try: 'man cthread_detach'
If you are running Linux - no idea if it implements threads

but just a warning: don't dare to access any global variable
like buf, buf1, world[] ... with a thread without using 
mutex variables ... !!!!!


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