AFFECT_ROOM Spells (Non-Coding Post) (fwd)

From: John T. Cox (
Date: 12/19/95

> Our current system allows for a preference bit called OUTLAW which allows 
> players to kill other outlaws without penalty. However, if a non-outlaw 
> tries to kill anyone he will get flagged outlaw. So the problem comes in 
> as to whether to make room affecting spells affect mobs only, mobs and 
> outlaws only, everyone, etc.
> What do you guys do about this? It is really unfair to let players just 
> get killed like that. What's to stop an outlaw mage from running around 
> the MUD casting "nuke" and killing lower level players? On the flip side, 
> how is it fair or realistic to have a killer spell like that not affect 
> players? Interesting delemma eh?
I used to play on a MUD where it would always affect mobs, but affected
players under these conditions. If the caster was NOT outlaw it did not
hit other players, if the caster WAS outlaw, it would only hit other

Mielikki @ SojournMUD ( 9999)

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