Re: Code Bloat (was Re: relatively simple hack) (fwd)

From: John T. Cox (
Date: 12/19/95

> Full featured? Sojourn isn't best for its features. It's best because of 
> an incredible amount of care taken in making an incredibly detailed 
> world, a consistent policy of non-interference from the gods (and yet a 
> system of assistence available when needed), and a solid player base.
> Did I mention that except for my rather &=RGODD&N coloring romps, the 
> color on Sojourn is sane?
> As far as bells and whistles go, though, Sojourn is lacking. It actually 
> takes a minimalist view.
Well, we don't do all the hand holding a lot of muds do, but compared to
most muds out there, we've got a bunch.

FULL color support
limited mob AI
more spells and skills than I care to count
11 races
15 classes
spell memorization
I also understand languages are due to go back in soon too...

These are just a few things that most muds don't have, and I could go on
but why spam the list eh?

Also, I guess it all depends on what you consider a feature...
Mielikki @ SojournMUD ( 9999)

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