Re: AFFECT_ROOM Spells (Non-Coding Post)

From: Gargamel (
Date: 12/19/95

On Tue, 19 Dec 1995, Brian Christopher Guilbault wrote:

> It's Me Again...
> This is not a coding problem, it's more of a dilemma that needs 
> suggestions: In the current Circle code, spells that affect the entire 
> room affect everyone in the room whether they be players or mobs. This is 
> a good thing the way I see it. It's ver realistic, "Okay, I'll go in, 
> cast the earthquake, then you guys come in and attack!" But, the problem 
> comes in when a player decides that he is pissed off and runs into a room 
> with newbies, casts earthquake at level 50 and does 2d8 + 50 damage (or 
> something close to that) killing all players under about level 5.
> Well, now we are putting in some more powerful spells for the higher 
> levels. Suppose that same mage does the same thing with "nuke" which will 
> probably do about the damage of fireball, but to the room, not just vict. 
> Now you're looking at everyone under level 10 dying.
> Our current system allows for a preference bit called OUTLAW which allows 
> players to kill other outlaws without penalty. However, if a non-outlaw 
> tries to kill anyone he will get flagged outlaw. So the problem comes in 
> as to whether to make room affecting spells affect mobs only, mobs and 
> outlaws only, everyone, etc.
> What do you guys do about this? It is really unfair to let players just 
> get killed like that. What's to stop an outlaw mage from running around 
> the MUD casting "nuke" and killing lower level players? On the flip side, 
> how is it fair or realistic to have a killer spell like that not affect 
> players? Interesting delemma eh?

I think you really have to decide what type of mud you want to run
really... I have seen a NOKILL flag on some muds that players can toggle
if they wish to be involved in pkilling or not. On my mud we made it so
violent area spells only affect mobs since we are nopkill to the max...
About 30 30k hp mobs begin hunting someone as soon as they get a pkill flag, 
THAT is not a pretty sight... Why dont you ask your players what they
would like to see in a pkill system... They usually come up with the best 
ideas since they have the time to mud all night while you are writing endless
lines of c code... 

Gargamel...Imp of Phoenix mud

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