Re: Samdi's olc code..

From: Swanwick (
Date: 12/21/95

On Thu, 21 Dec 1995, Gargamel wrote:

> Does anyone know the address of the ftp site that I can find
> this code at? I understand it is non-menu based... Does anyone know
> of any olc code that is and works well? I would like to put both in and
> try out each to see what I and my builders like better...
> Thanks for the help...
> Gargamel...Imp of Phoenix mud....
> P.s. I know about the olc code at jhu but it didnt look to promising..

Well, I don't know about the site but we are using an OLC on Deathzone 
that isn't *too* shaky. Samedi wrote the mobedit and so far its been great.
The Roomedit and the oedit (iedit) are older code from somewhere and 
although we can make rooms online ok the Oedit is very unstable and I 
don't use it anymore - I piss off too many players. ;>

Samedi is on this list so I'm sure he'll reply too if he sees your post.

BTW - Any info in general on OLC w/Circle would be much appreciated.

Blackadder, Lord Edmund etc
Greater God and OLC test pilot. 2000

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