From: Steve (
Date: 12/27/95

I dunno what I did, but a little after changing the alias char from $ to 
% i noticed that occasionally when paging you would get bizzar crap at 
the end of your page.

example from typing: wizlist

                                   DEMI GODS

                          Possum   Probe   RedBaron



*** Press return to continue, q to quit ***
Carried: weight: 0, items: 0; Items in: inventory: 0, eq: 0
Hunger: -1, Thirst: -1, Drunk: -1, Bladder: 0
Master is: <none>, Followers are: Probe

now i did nothing to change showstr_point/head which is what i believe 
controls what text you get to page through, are there any ideas on what 
could have happened for this to happen?

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