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From: Tel Janin Aellinsar (
Date: 12/29/95

On Fri, 29 Dec 1995, Hades wrote:

> I have a problem... there is a certian mob I have, and it crashes whenver I
> stat it. It's comething about the ch... it says it cannot access memory
> address at <some unknown address I forgot>.

I don't think the address particularly matters, unless you did a gdb -c 
core and it gave you the variable or function name where it happened.

> Is this a problem with a bug in the mob possibly or might it indicate that I
> have a bad memory chip?

Well, you might.  More likely you're just trying to access memory your 
process does not have sufficient access rights to.  Should be a 
segmentation fault (or SIGSEGV) that it's giving you, that seems to be 
the standard UNIX catch-all i80386 exception signal.

> I have no idea how to handle this, but it ALWAYS crashes when stating this
> mob and I can see nothing that would differentiate it from any other mob.

Possibly your MUD has run out of memory.  Not the computer, necessarily, 
but the MUD process;  I'm not sure how Circle handles this, but I know 
that certain other DikuMUD-derived MUDs use a static maximum amount of 
memory that usually allows for only an expansion of about 20% before you 
run into memory problems.  Maybe someone else can enlighten us both on this?

> hades of Ebon Mists

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