New Room Flags

From: Brian Christopher Guilbault (
Date: 12/29/95

I got one for you guys-

I am adding two new room flags, QUICKMANA and QUICKHEAL. The idea is that 
in guilds and a few other places, mana and hit recovery are accelerated. 
I added the #define lines to structs.h, using bitvectors 'q' and 'r' for 
the new flags (the next 2 available). Next I put the actual code into 
limits.c in the hit_gain() function. The code compiled fine. Ne errors, 
no warnings.

Next, I addeed the the new flags to all the guilds and to a few select 
other rooms. The game booted error free. But, when I go to the rooms, the 
flags say UNDEFINED and the accelerated healing does not work. What am I 
missing? I have grepped just about every other flag in the game looking 
for other places where they are defined or declared or anything and can't 
find a thing.

Any help is appreciated.
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