Confused about perform_group_gain

From: Josh Rantane (
Date: 12/30/95

Hiya gang,
  Well, I've got circle mud patch level 8.  Done a few thing here and
there, and now I'm working on the way exp is distributed.  I personally
don't like level limits... so I figured I would make up some algorithm
for splitting up exp based on the levels of the groups.  I looked at
group_gain and saw this:


  /* round up to the next highest tot_members */
  base = (GET_EXP(victim) / 3) + tot_members - 1;

  if (tot_members >= 1)
    base = MAX(1, GET_EXP(victim) / (3 * tot_members));
    base = 0;


Now is it me or does the first line : base = (GET_EXP(victim/3)+tot_members-1;
completely useless?

It also looks like everyone gets the same amount of exp.  Has anyone though
of/implemented a way to distribute exp to all those that are fighting
the monster (not neccessarily those that are grouiped)?


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