Re: Starting to hate gdb!!!

From: Sammy (
Date: 12/30/95

On Sat, 30 Dec 1995, Steve wrote:

> I'm proud to say I haven't gotten that gnu_calloc problem in a while, now 
> i have this one :(
> #0  0x60009fea in end ()
> #1  0x0 in ?? ()
> now i'm pretty sure this debuging info isn't gonna help you tell me where 
> in my program i really screwed up, but could someone maybe come up with 
> an idea why... Occasionally the mud is crashing when someone quits, and 
> hits 0 from the menu... (keep in mind occasionally) i've run it as myself 
> solo, and sometimes i can quit without the segfault, othertimes it dies.

The old version of my olc used to occaisionally do the same thing.  I was 
also getting another message, which was in gdb I believe.  It was 
something like "attempt to access memory at 538261".  The culprit in my 
case was that I had used create_obj() to make a new object, which put the 
object in the mud object list, then used free() to clear the object from 
memory instead of extract_obj() to remove it from the list.  

Check your recent code additions for places you might have either free'ed 
or moved variables or structures.  If you haven't done either, check for 
places where you've used create_obj().  It may be that when you hit 0 and 
rent out, you're carrying an object that has a corrupt obj_data structure.


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