ident daemon

From: Ford Prefect (
Date: 12/30/95

Ok, gang.  Having just recently re-joined the list here, I've probably
missed discussions covering this, so sorry if this has been covered already.

I'm working on adding the ident daemons to a circle 2.2.  My problem is, 
I'm no coding guru, and certainly lousy with sockets. (smirk)

Can anyone perhaps take a minute and let me know what all would have to 
be changed to facilitate grabbing the identity of the annoying user on 
the other end who has nothing better to do than beat his head against
the siteban? :)

I've been looking and looking at this, but seem to be beating my own head 
against the wall, and could use any help/advice any of you might be able 
to offer. 



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