Question about adding values to the Zone file
Date: 12/30/95

Actualy a few.. I am tracing through the source code as best I can, taking
notes, doings lots of stuff.. so I have a 'General' idea of how some of the
stuff works ...

In the zone files for the base mud I do not see any option for a percent
chance that a Mob or Obj will repop each zone reset. if there is tell me
where and disregard this next section :)

in DB.C at around line 1376 this statement appearsd

   case 'M':			/* read a mobile */
      if (mob_index[ZCMD.arg1].number < ZCMD.arg2) {
	mob = read_mobile(ZCMD.arg1, REAL);
	char_to_room(mob, ZCMD.arg3);
	last_cmd = 1;
      } else
	last_cmd = 0;

I am guessing that read_mobile(ZCMD.arg1, REAL) loads the mobile specified
in argument 1...  I have not traced all the routines for loading all the
arguments and numbers and all the pointers and strucutres are a bit
confusing .. :)
My guess of how to go about doing this would be to add another field to the
end of each .Zon record, which was a number 1-100 specifying the chance that
a mob would repop. But that would involve many changes such as adding arg4,
making the changes to the loading thingie so it loads that extra argument,
and then adding the equivelent of 
  if random(100)<ZCMD.arg4 {
     .  the statements above

        So if the mob did not roll bellow the percentage to load, its record
in the .Zon file was skipped. But I am unsure of where to impliment this,
which variables to change/add, how to go about doing it... and the same
could be done for Objects. I will play around with trial and error.. but my
luck is mostly the latter. :)

        Next, I was thinking of mobs that would only pop once per reboot.
Again I did not see anything for the .Zon files to do that.. so I was
wondering if this would work. First load an rock, say MobRock1 in a room
that no one can get to. Make it so only one of those rocks can be popped.
Then say If the rock was popped load the mob. My idea is this   
    Say "theres already 1 rock so we can't pop another"
   "The rock did not pop so this mob will not either"  ( hopefully )

and again .. any luck with porting sammy's OLC patch to patch level 8? :)

mucho thanks... I will continue making changes and see'ing error messages. <g>

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