Re: 3 quetsions about new BPL versions

From: Sammy (
Date: 02/07/96

On Tue, 6 Feb 1996, Ben Leibig wrote:

> 3: When is samedi's olc v 10 going to come out

Hey I'm still working on .05 :P I was kinda hoping it'd be finished (with 
shop editor) before I get to .10.  If you're wondering when olc for 
circle pl9 is coming out, it'll be a day or three.

> 	Also a sugestion.  I think samedis olc is a GREAT system.  Using 
> aliases you can set your OLC up to look prittymuch hoever you want.  I 
> would recommend using that in the main circle distribution.  This ofcorse 
> if it was ok with Samedi.

In my opinion it still sucks hard :)  If Jeremy wants to include it in 
the standard distribution he's more than welcome, but as buggy as it is I 
think it'd give circle a bad rep for crashing too much.


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