Re: Is there a getch()?

From: Edward Becker (
Date: 02/08/96

 ('binary' encoding is not supported, stored as-is)
On 08 Feb 1996 23:06:24 -0500 you wrote:

> thus on Thu, 08 Feb 96 19:18:05 EST, Edward virtually scripted...
>Edward> I think everyone is missing something.
>no... i don't think so.
>uhm... sorry for those of us who just deem it that i don't want to use a
>graphical user interface... (before i go into a rant)  sometimes i just
>don't feel like firing up X, so i just stick with the VC in linux.  the
>only way i can do cut and paste is via screen.  what the hell is up with
>OS/2 people that they can't just accept the likelihood that their OS isn't
>the best in the world?  any it's a matter of interface, and not OS.  via
>any unix system you have the options of

I'm sorry, I did not mean to imply that at all.  I was simply trying to point out that for commplex editing, I felt it should be done by a program designed to do that.

Your messsage and the one before it brought up some excellent reasons why somebody wouldn't want to do that.

This had nothing to do with my OS, I was just stating that as an example.  Unix, Mac, Windows, etc, all have provisions for accomplishing what I was referring to. I was critiquing method, not OS.

Sorry  it came across wrong.

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