Re: Is there a getch()?

From: Sammy (
Date: 02/09/96

On 9 Feb 1996, d. hall wrote:

> Sammy> THe trouble there is making the client portable accross many
> Sammy> different platforms, and it would keep people from using their
> Sammy> preferred client if they've got one.
> GNU autoconf works as far as making it portable across unixen (unix'es,
> unices?)  And yes people would prefer to use their client of choice.  So in
> theory it seems that improving a popular client might actually help.
> *shrug* I've done some tinkering with getting tintin to understnad telnet
> codes and lately trying to get rx-1.0 to fit nicely into it.  Frankly I'm
> tempted to just through out the skeleton with the meat, and start over with
> it.

Porting across unix platforms isn't too difficult, but many players are 
using windows clients nowadays, so the client would have to work for them 
too, and be good enough to make them want to switch from what they're 
comfortable with.


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