re: pfile conversion

From: Tom Hartig (
Date: 02/13/96

>Now, my question is:
>* How do I convert the pfile to a binry format that is understandable by
>  Linux ?
>* Can anyone send me some code examples on how to do it ?
>* Has anyone done this before, and is willing to share the code with me ?

The best way that I have found to convert from one machine format to 
another is to convert the binary pfile to ASCII format, transfer the 
ASCII file to your linux machine, and then convert it back to binary on 
that machine. It's more a tedious task than anything-- all you really 
need to do is write some code that parses through the binary pfile, and 
then writes all the fields into a text file. 

It sounds easier than it is, but its really not that bad. I'll see if I 
can dig up my code that I used a long time ago, but it'd prolly be easier 
to write your own since every muds structs are different and all..

Anyhow, thats the way I did it, and it worked well :)

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