Re: Newbie Questions...

From: Edward Almasy (
Date: 02/13/96

Mike N writes:
>   1. How do you set the game so that new characters are given equipment when
> they log on for the first time?

We handle this on our MUD by having a mob that is programmed to greet
new players and equip them appropriately.

>   2. Is it easyer to use the various OLCs or just build the old fashion way?

I'm sure there are alot of people here who have alot more experience
at world building than I, but from what I've done I think it depends
on what environment you're most comfortable in using.  There seem to
be four basic approaches:

    1) edit the wld/zon/mob/obj files with a text editor,

    2) use a menu-driven OLC implementation,

    3) use a command-driven OLC implementation, or

    4) use an offline world building tool (like DikuEd).

I use a combination of 1 and 2.  Other people on our MUD primarily
use 1 and 4, making last-minute tweaks with 2.  I would be curious
to learn what methods predominate on other MUDs.

There is code for both types of OLC, as well as the above-mentioned
mob programming support, available on the Circle FTP site.  I don't
know of any offline building tools specifically designed for Circle,
but most Diku-based tools should come close.

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