Re: Start Location Question:
Date: 02/15/96

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>#1:  I would like to have new characters start out in their guild, however
>I haven't been able to locate the routine that sets that for individual 
>characters.  I know of the set_start_location in the config.c file, but
>that's more of a global setting and I want it to vary individually depending
>on the class of my character.  I would also like to give the characters
>the option to rent out in the guilds as well, and then re-pop in the guild
>when they come back on.  Is that similar to the above?  or is that too
>much trouble for what its worth?

This is very easy if all you want to do is designate a loadroom per class ->
just define a variable 
int guild_start[NUM_CLASSES] = { xxxx, xxxx, xxxx, xxxx ... };
putiing the loadroom that corrisponds to each class number definition in
place of each xxxx. Then in interpreter.c in the section where it assigns
load_room to mortal_start_room, change the routine so that it sets load_room

load_room = guild_start[(int) GET_CLASS(d->character)];

That would allow you to have a loadroom for each class in your mud :)

- Brian

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