Start Location Question:
Date: 02/14/96

Hi there...I have two quick questions that I am hoping that someone 
can answer for me.

#1:  I would like to have new characters start out in their guild, however
I haven't been able to locate the routine that sets that for individual 
characters.  I know of the set_start_location in the config.c file, but
that's more of a global setting and I want it to vary individually depending
on the class of my character.  I would also like to give the characters
the option to rent out in the guilds as well, and then re-pop in the guild
when they come back on.  Is that similar to the above?  or is that too
much trouble for what its worth?

#2:  Second question should be fairly simple.  I have implemented a new
class (MONK) into my  MUD, and everything works just fine, except for
one thing.  For some reason, the guild guards at the monk, and only the
monk will let anyone pass by.  All the other guild guards block all non-
class characters, however the guild guards don't.  I have it set in 
Class.c to block any non-monk characters from going south into the bar,
but it won't work.

Any suggestions, would be very much appreciated...Thanks

Jeff Hanks
(aka Bubonic, IMP for Legendary MUD)

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