Re: Another Question about start rooms.

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 02/16/96

> Last night I asked how I could set up various start rooms for my 
> different classes.  Well, I spent about four hours today on working
> on implementing it based on many of your suggestions, however a few
> problems have come up for me.
> In Interpreter.c (line 1540 about): load_room is assigned to r_immortal_start
> room, r_mort_start_room depending on the level of the player.  
> Then a few lines later, when it actually runs the routine to put the
> ccharacter into that room, I have problems if I changed it from the above.
> Why can't I assign load_room = (room #) (i.e. load_room = 4106)?

Because, at that point, r_mort_start_room and r_immort_start_room are
RNUMs and 4106 is almost certainly a VNUM unless you have 4200 rooms in
your MUD.

char_to_room takes an rnum.

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