3 possible bugs in pl11

From: Pedro Saputo (se04417@els.url.es)
Date: 02/17/96

Hi everybody

I've found 3 bugs in patch level 11 or at least i think so.

The scrolls of identify doesn't work at all. It correctly cast the spell now 
but when for example you are wearing a plate and you want to identify another one you have in the inventory and you type "rec scroll plate" it identifies the one you are wearing and if you type "rec scroll 2.plate" it says that the plate doesn't exist so i think this is a bug

Another one is in the shops ive noticed (spying my players) that when they sell something for example a long sword they sell it buy typing "sell long" as normal but the other people in the room receive "EBERE (is the name of the player) sells a long" not "EBERE sells a long sword" as it has to say.

And finally ive been reported of a bug but havent checked it the player said me that:
he went to the donations room and remove all and drop all then when he tried to get his equipement it has disapeared he was stunned.
Then he quit and come again seeing surprised he has his equipement back.
Any explanation for this?
Ive been noticed too that some eq becames lost when it is donated and never arrives for example a bag with 4 breads in that appears without the breads is this normal or is a bug too?

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