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Date: 02/17/96

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>I was thinking of ways to remove the "magick" apostrophes need in cast 
>(eg., so you can type "cast create water").  I would have done it rather 
>quickly, but then I realized that doing so would make it impossible to 
>distinguish the spell name from the target of the spell.  Then I thought 
>of reversing the order of cast so that the target would come first, but 
>once again, there was no way to distinguish the target and the spell name 
>from each other.  I then decided if I made a "target" command I don't 
> -snip-

What I've done is to use the 'normal' command parser to pick up the first
word in the spell name - ie the player types "magic missile fido" the
parser looks up the word magic - which sends it to a procedure for all
two word spells (also have one for single word spells and 3 word spells).
the spell_word procedures basically suck of the right number of words
and reformat the string like so "'magic missile' fido" It them calls
the do_cast procedure. This very clunky but I wanted to leave the 
cast '' system intact - too allow for my players to slowly switch over.
I intend to go back later and remove the redundancy's.

Anyway thats how I've done that.

>Also, I was planning on making my MUD skill-based, I've got the 
>underlying plan worked out and I'm certain I can accomplish it with a 
>bit of thought and some work, but I've not got one thing worked out.  
>How would one get practices to learn spells in this system.  There was 
>several ways I could think of, the first would be to get practices when 
> -snip-

What I've done here is to set the levels up to level not only on exp.
but also on skills learned. as you level is when you earn practiced.
(though I like the idea about being able to buy practices.) Certain mobs
when interacted with in certain ways give out skills as a reward.

To see the concept - stop by 1440 (Castle Perilous)

Or e-mail me for more details - if you want them.


Castle Perilous - - 1440

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