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From: ShadowLord (
Date: 02/17/96

I was thinking of ways to remove the "magick" apostrophes need in cast 
(eg., so you can type "cast create water").  I would have done it rather 
quickly, but then I realized that doing so would make it impossible to 
distinguish the spell name from the target of the spell.  Then I thought 
of reversing the order of cast so that the target would come first, but 
once again, there was no way to distinguish the target and the spell name 
from each other.  I then decided if I made a "target" command I don't 
need to have a target argument in cast, but this required two different 
commands (although it would potentially allow for not needing the target 
argument when casting multiple spells on one person).  I was planning on 
sticking with <target>, even though it had the major disadvantage of 
requiring people to learn how to use <cast> over again...  But before I 
did that, I was wondering if other people have removed the "'"s from the 
cast command before, and if so, what did you decide upon doing?

Also, I was planning on making my MUD skill-based, I've got the 
underlying plan worked out and I'm certain I can accomplish it with a 
bit of thought and some work, but I've not got one thing worked out.  
How would one get practices to learn spells in this system.  There was 
several ways I could think of, the first would be to get practices when 
you kill an enemy, much like experience.  Another method I was 
considering was having them ``buy'' practices or just use their money 
per practice instead of having practice points at all.  I thought that 
the latter would be much better since (a) we don't have rent and this 
allows for gold to build up much easier, (b) people whom prefer to be 
healers or spell-casters shouldn't have to go in and fight a savage for 
them to advance in levels.  Also because it influences more exploration 
than the first, since you don't run the risk of loosing your practices 
(except if you die) while you travel out to find teachers, but you can 
loose money by having it stolen from you, needing to buy supplies, 
fleing from a kill, etc. and thus you may find that you'll need to 
explore much more to get the neccessary money to get to the teacher and 
then to learn the skills.  Anyone have a better idea or any thoughts?

Daniel Koepke <>
Implementor of LEGENDS AND LORE 2
Xavar@ 4000 [[in early development stages]]

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