Re: Elven Woods

From: Gildreche, the Liquid Phoenix (
Date: 02/19/96

On Sun, 18 Feb 1996, Stephen D. Becker wrote:

> I was trying to add the public area the elven woods that has a vnum of 190.
> I got it from the ciclemud download site at . After changing
> small case s to capital S in some of the mobs and fixing the format on 
> mob 19206 i started getting segmenation faults.  Has anyone else tried to 
> add this area and run into this problem? If so could you tell me how to 
> fix it? The syslog stops at Loading Objs and generating Index.
> AFter that it sends me the fault.
> Thanks
> Stephen Becker
Well, at least it's not me.  We tried to bring this area up, fixed the 
formats, and crashed our machine twice trying to get it going.  Three of 
us went to our seperate corners and worked on it, but couldn't find the 
problem (We're still new to this, but the file formats aren't THAT damn 

After some 4 hours of head scratching, we pulled it back out of the 
index(s), and everyting goes fine.  Methinks I'll just build my own 
areas... :(

		  the Liquid Phoenix
				Liquid Fire MUD

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