Elven Woods

From: Burkhard Knopf (Burkhard.Knopf@informatik.tu-clausthal.de)
Date: 02/20/96

>>>>> "Stephen" == Stephen D Becker <ash@shadow.csc.edu> writes:

 Stephen> I was trying to add the public area the elven woods that has
 Stephen> a vnum of 190.  I got it from the ciclemud download site at
 Stephen> ftp.cs.jhu.edu . After changing small case s to capital S in
 Stephen> some of the mobs and fixing the format on mob 19206 i
 Stephen> started getting segmenation faults.  Has anyone else tried
 Stephen> to add this area and run into this problem? If so could you
 Stephen> tell me how to fix it? The syslog stops at Loading Objs and
 Stephen> generating Index.  AFter that it sends me the fault.

Looks like someone forgot to give the large telescope (#19005) a short
description. Maybe it's time to have the boot code check the files a
little closer ... (I didn't see the mistake until I moved the end
character "$" right before the buggy object - step by step while
listening to the core dumps.)

Have fun

PS: Don't forget to put a ~ after the $ at the end of the shop file.
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