How Exactly does in_room work

From: Brian Jones (
Date: 02/21/96

ch->in_room usualy references the room the player is in. Before I had 
thought that this was the vnum. If you where in room 3001 then 
ch->in_room was equal to 3001

But after having trouble with the code I'm doing now I decided to print 
ch->in_room at the begining of the procedure to see what it was equal 
to.. two rooms 3012 and 3018 I think had ch->in_room to be 38 and 42..

So how do I calculate ch->in_room? Does it change for one room when 
modifications are made to the zone or more zones added? And I haven't 
found yet how to reference the vnum of the room directly (I probably will 
soon) but I'd like to know how ch->in_room works ... thanks for any help 
in advance.

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