Re: How Exactly does in_room work

From: Sammy (
Date: 02/21/96

> When circle reads the rooms, mobs, and objects into memory, it converts 
> them to real numbers (though saving a reference to the correct virtual 
> number).  ch->in_room is a real number, meaning if you're in room 3001 
> and 3001 was the 30th room read into the system, ch->in_room will be 30.  
> To get the virtual room number, use real_room(ch->in_room).  You can also 
> get it from the variable world[ch->in_room].number.

Oops.  Duh.  Don't use real_room(ch->in_room).  real_room converts vnums 
to real nums, as in char_to_room(ch, real_room(3001)).


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